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Organic products branded "khaobune"

produced by Khaobune Organic Agriculture

are naturally grown and homemade

with chemicals free throughout all processes.

Thus, truly nature-friendly and healthy organic products




Welcome to khaobune info ...


Khaobune Organic Agriculture has been established since 2009 starting with organic rice farming in Uthaithani province, Thailand.  Since then, we have been certified by ACT (Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand) and IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) in Thailand.

Our certified organic rice currently includes Jasmine rice (brown and red Jasmine), Sinlek rice (brown rice), Riceberry (black rice).

Besides organic rice farming, we have been producing natural products for everyday uses, objectively be chemical free from everyday-use products.  Our natural homemade products currently include herbal kafirr lime shampoo & conditioner (100% kafirr lime; kafirr lime mixed with ya-nang leaves), activated carbon soap (naturally smell with fragrant pandang mixed), bathroom cleaner (made with pineapple), dishwashing liquid (made with pineapple) etc.

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Khaobune Organic Agriculture

Tel          : +669 2359 6299

Email       : khaobune@gmail.com

Website    : www.khaobune.com